New Year’s Resolutions Are Designed to Fail—Do This Instead

Posted on: January 15, 2020

New Year’s resolutions are great at creating excitement about implementing change, but that excitement loses its shine by February; and suddenly, all those old habits creep back in. The fact is, only about 10% of people that start New Year’s resolutions actually meet their goals. The other 90% return to their old ways.

To avoid joining the 90%, it is important to create simple, sustainable, and realistic goals that we can implement without seeing it as massive change. It’s the massive change in our lifestyle that can be overwhelming when we haven’t built the simple stepping stones needed to get to that point.

Here are some simple healthy habits you can integrate into your life now, no gym membership required.

Turn off screens

man using tablet in bed

Quality sleep is how our bodies regenerate and continue to stay well. One of the easiest ways to unwind and have the deepest sleep is to turn off your phone, tablet, and TV before bed. It is best to remove cell phones and electronics, keeping them out of your room overnight.

Eating intuitively

Instead of jumping on a diet bandwagon, consider purchasing whole food options. That way, when you feel like snacking, you’ll reach for food that will fill you up and energize your body. Sticking to plant-based foods and stepping away from processed sugars can create changes in your body you can feel quickly.

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Find ways to include movement into your routine. Take a walk around the block, take the stairs at work, or stretch in the mornings and evenings. A great way to make movement a habit is to make sure you move at the same time every day. If it’s a morning stroll to work or an evening walk with a friend, as long as you set aside time a specific time to move, then this commitment will gradually integrate into your life.


Stick to purified water, tea, coconut water (in moderation), and freshly pressed greens. If you finding yourself reaching for something sugary, stick to infused waters. Get your favorite fruits and put them in your water. The flavor will transfer over and you’ll have a great kick of all-natural sugar. Ideally, on average, strive to consume one half-ounce of water for each pound of body weight.

glass of water with lime slice

Life is a work in progress. Implementing change in our lives isn’t something we should do once a year. We should focus on how to be better throughout our year. If we prioritize being more intuitive with our wellness, we’ll make changes as our body needs them.

As you start integrating these tips into your life, it can be helpful to understand your body’s functions to totality. This includes the symphony of Hormones in your body (I discuss this in length in another blog post). Take the Hormone Quiz to help you navigate your individual needs.

Wishing you the healthiest of habits and lasting change!

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