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The Shoemaker Protocol for Biotoxin Illness

Treating the hidden obstacle to wellness

Struggling with debilitating disease? I can help. I specialize in the Shoemaker Protocol—a proven approach to treating the biotoxin illness at the heart of many chronic health conditions. Let’s clear out the toxins and clean up your health!

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Natasha Thomas

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I, too have been affected by a debilitating illness that conventional medicine had no answer for. A sense of helplessness pushed me to learn functional medicine and now I’m here to help you heal, too!

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  • I am feeling MUCH IMPROVED and have SO much more energy, taking vitamins daily and sleeping well at night with the progesterone. I don’t know how I was functioning before.

    – Karen

  • Dr. Thomas is a God-send! She created a personalized plan of care and helped me set goals, and with her support, I am well on my way to reaching them. She motivates me to be my very best!

    – Traci

  • Thank you for all you have done to get me back on track to health and the amazing way you helped with my serious bone loss issues. I am so grateful I found you!

    – Lori

  • After seeing numerous doctors for depression, fatigue, joint/muscle pain and weight gain, I had no answers. Dr. Thomas found and treated mold illness. Now I am well and better than ever.

    – Deborah

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Natasha Thomas

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