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Hormones are a big deal. They are key chemicals in our bodies that influence our sex drive, response to stress, weight loss, muscle and skin tone, fertility, sleep and other critical systems. This means that maintaining healthy hormone levels is an essential part of experiencing wellness, and that low levels of hormones or hormonal imbalances can degrade quality of life for both women and men.

However, as we enter middle age, most of us find that our hormone levels begin to drop. Women tend to experience this in their 40s and 50s as they reach menopause. In men, hormone producing cells wear out more gradually; their hormone levels dip as much as 60 percent between ages 40 and 70. Stress, poor nutrition and illness can also take a toll, damaging key hormone-producing organs like the thyroid or adrenal glands. Small wonder that many people start to lose their zest for life!

Nathasha Thomas

Symptoms of a hormonal imbalance can include:

  • Depression
  • Low sex drive
  • Fatigue
  • Hot flashes
  • Hair thinning or loss
  • Dry skin
  • Weight gain
  • Weakening of bone and muscle tissue
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Poor sleep
  • Irritability
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
Nathasha Thomas

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way! Hormonal imbalances are treatable using safe, natural methods. These include addressing underlying health conditions, such as thyroid disease or adrenal fatigue, that may be negatively affecting your hormones, and using all-natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). I offer my patients a comprehensive range of hormone imbalance tests and treatment approaches, customized to meet your unique needs.

Treating hormonal imbalances—naturally

After 10 years of searching, I found Dr. Thomas and went from bone-numbing fatigue and being sick all the time to turning toward vitality and good health, with her there to see me through.

– Cathy

Nathasha Thomas

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)

For my patients who are experiencing lower hormone levels as a result of aging, I am pleased to offer a natural approach to hormone replacement therapy. BHRT uses plant-derived hormones that are bioidentical to the hormones your body produces on its own. In other words, your system can’t tell the difference between BHRT hormones and your own. This means you can reap the benefits of higher hormone levels quickly and safely.

Nathasha Thomas

Treating diseases that affect hormone levels

Disease is another major cause of hormonal imbalance, as autoimmune disorders, gut problems, chronic stress and other forms of illness can all impact your hormone levels. I specialize in working with these kinds of chronic, complex health conditions, and can say with confidence that by cleaning up underlying health conditions using primarily nutrition, supplements and lifestyle medicine, we can get your hormones back on track.

You’ll feel more like you!

We’ll identify exactly what your health goals are, and work towards them, together. I want to help you achieve the highest possible quality of life—after all, you deserve it. Hormone balancing can often be an important part of helping you get there.

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