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What our clients have said about Dr. Natasha Thomas…

I suffer from numerous health issues. I have survived cancer twice and spent years working in dirty US factories. In recent years, my general health has deteriorated. When you’re older, you assume all your health issues are from aging and bad genes. I booked an appointment with Dr. Thomas, and boy was I wrong.

Dr. Thomas made sure my first appointment helped me understand the big picture. We analyzed tests, modified my lifestyle, and I started feeling better! I lost weight, had less congestion, and fewer aches and pains. I started to have a greater range of motion and physical ability. I now believe that you do not need to simply accept aging and take an ever-increasing amount of medications only to feel worse.

Eating better, exercising more, and taking targeted supplements has allowed me to take control of my future health. This is just the start of my journey with Dr. Thomas. I plan to be off all medications and live my life to the fullest. If you do not feel well, I highly recommend Dr. Thomas. 


Without Dr. Thomas’s medical care I hate to imagine the poor state of health that I would be in right now. After treating with numerous doctors for depression, fatigue, joint/ muscle pain and weight gain I had no answers, only more prescription medication to take every day. Dr. Thomas found that I was suffering from mold illness from unknowingly working in an office with black mold.

After removing myself from this office and completing the medical regimen prescribed by Dr. Thomas I can now say that I am well again. Not only am I well, but I am functioning at the best level I ever have. I no longer take prescription medication, I have lost 25 lbs and I am enjoying my daily work as a nurse practitioner again.

— Deborah

As the year is coming to end I wanted to give thanks to important people in my life and I really have to give the most thanks to you Dr. Thomas. Just over a year ago my health was really poor due to my bizarre illness and after visiting many doctors I was not sure if I could ever regain my health as nobody had good solutions for me. None of the doctors could improve my health significantly no matter what they tried. Fortunately I found your practice and Dr. Shoemaker’s treatment plan. It has really given me a second chance at fully functional life again.

For the first 6 months on the treatment plan my health slowly improved and when I took all the recommended steps, including removing my root canal, I really started to feel like I was on the right track to full health. When I got on the VIP in July that was the breakthrough as I have basically been symptom free since then.

From not being able to work or even barely get outside of my home for over a year to working full time is truly life changing. Actually, I feel so good that I am able to run 2 small businesses at the same time and provide not for only for myself but to help people close to me. I hope this note reflects at least some portion of the gratitude I owe for you Dr. Thomas, for being able truly change my quality of life.

— Max K

I’m still floored that my health issues were caused by mold exposure. I am still healing, but the symptoms have consistently and dramatically improved.

Being active in sports all my life, I’m very “in tune” with my body. These last 5 years knocked me on my a**. It was extremely frustrating going from doctor to doctor only to be told that, “There’s nothing wrong with you,” or “It’s all in your head; I’ll give you a prescription for anxiety.”

I’ve learned so much about the damage mold can do, even to healthy people like me. I thank God every day that I happened upon your website and you took me on as a patient. I am truly grateful for your knowledge and expertise in CIRS and Biotoxin Illness. Thank you again for helping me through this and listening and understanding me when I said I felt like I was dying from the inside out.

— Jan

So blessed to have found you, and beyond grateful for Dr. Thomas’s continued help and support. Words cannot truly describe how thankful I am for you and your team. Thank you.

— Ashley

I have been treated for depression for 15 years. Dr. Thomas was the most empathetic physician who has advised me during my difficult times. She continues to provide excellent recommendations on natural treatments and therapies that prevent my depression from recurring.

— Sydney

Dr. Natasha Thomas is the best doctor I’ve ever had overseeing my healthcare and working with me to achieve optimum health. After going from to one endocrinologist to another in Washington, DC and South Carolina (following a complete thyroidectomy), my health was declining, prescribed medications weren’t in balance, and I was still struggling with hypothyroid symptoms. That made daily life difficult since I had limited energy. As I approached menopause, things became much worse because insomnia was also added to the mix of problems.

Around this time, I learned Dr. Thomas had opened her functional medicine practice and I began seeing her. Here are some things I appreciate about her medical care: first, she’s brilliant and has a depth of knowledge that I’ve not encountered with many other physicians in the past; next, she’s open-minded and willing to do research if she doesn’t know something initially; and finally, she’s a good listener and tenacious in working things through to find solutions to complex problems. My situation has been somewhat complex but she’s continued to work with me and guide me along the path.

Now I’m happy to report that I feel better than I have in over 30 years and results on blood tests and hormone tests are finally going in the right direction, too! I’m very thankful for Dr. Thomas’s care and highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling and suffering with symptoms that aren’t being addressed by other traditional medical doctors.


I have been extremely impressed by Dr. Thomas’s care. I first saw Dr. Thomas for Type 3 Alzheimer’s dementia caused by Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) from exposure to a water-damaged building. Over the last several years, Dr. Thomas has effectively treated, guided, and motivated me through the complicated Shoemaker protocol with excellent results. I have been impressed with her knowledge of research and the latest treatments for cognitive decline.


Dr. Thomas’s clinical skills are superb!  She ordered thorough nutritional assessment testing that I have never had done in 71 years of my life.  The testing revealed significant deficiencies and imbalances. Dr. Thomas advised me on changes in my diet and nutritional supplementations that have significantly improved my health, memory, and symptoms of depression.


I started seeing Dr. Thomas in January 2019. I was worried and somewhat reluctant to see her, but did so after hanging from a thread and desperate! I was sick and had been for five years, with no answers. Medications did not alleviate any of my symptoms. It’s now April 29, 2019 and I’m feeling so much better! My brain fog has lifted, I’m exercising, and feeling much better. I still have a little ways to go but I wake up rested and with a smile, instead of in pain and trying to make it through the day! Thank you, Dr. Thomas, for saving my life and helping me get the old me back!

— Tina

Dr. Thomas’s many medical talents include additional training in female issues. For me, this included treatment with bio-identical hormone therapy after menopause. As a prior nursing researcher, I have been impressed with her knowledge of the latest treatments for menopause.

— Sally

I am very thankful for Dr. Thomas. I originally started seeing her for Bio-identical hormone replacement. She ordered comprehensive blood work and a saliva hormone test which gave a good overall picture of my health. 

During our appointment I explained to Dr. Thomas that I was getting some other tests through a gastroenterologist for a nagging gastro issue—one being excessive uncontrollable belching. Dr. Thomas mentioned several other symptoms and asked me if I was experiencing them. I was amazed because she was on target with each symptom. She then asked if I had been exposed to mold in a water damaged building recently. The light bulb went off and I explained that I had recently joined a gym which had water leaks and have been going there four times a week. She told me that I had classic biotoxin illness symptoms. 

She prescribed medication as well as additional instructions and I set up a follow up appointment in eight weeks. After two weeks my digestive symptoms were completely gone and my constant belching greatly decreased.

I am so thankful I found Dr. Thomas and I am looking forward to wellness again! By the way, regarding the several medical tests scheduled with the gastroenterologist at MUSC, I cancelled them because with Dr. Thomas’s help I finally got the relief I was hoping for.    

— Irene

Dr. Thomas has been instrumental in helping me in my recovery from mold injury. She is attentive, professional and always knowledgeable in every aspect of my treatment. Since working with her, I have recovered well and learned the protocol for living with CIRS. I can recommend her wholeheartedly. She is an exceptional doctor.

— Anna

Dr. Thomas – I want to thank you for all you have done to get me back on track to health and the amazing way you helped me with my serious bone loss issues. No other doctor has even come close to what you do and I am so grateful I found you!

— Lori

I sought Dr. Thomas’ help in dealing with my symptoms of depression, mild “mental fog” and lethargy in March 2015. As a man of 67, I felt I was too young to go through the remainder of my life this way. I was initially a little skeptical (probably mostly ignorant) of what Integrative Medicine really was, but my fears were soon put to rest.

Being used to the current method of whirlwind office visits with physicians who just don’t have the time to talk to you, I was pleasantly surprised with Dr. Thomas’ approach. She took an amazingly thorough, in-depth medical history and not only listened to my concerns but she addressed every single one in short order.

Dr. Thomas initially evaluated my past medical history, symptoms, current diet and exercise habits. She also considered my emotional state. She then ordered an unusually comprehensive blood panel. Once all the information was gathered she developed an individualized plan involving dietary management, exercise and hormonal balance. Her treatments included some pharmaceuticals but mainly relied on a holistic approach. With the background in internal medicine and an impressive knowledge of nutrition she is well equipped to help her patients feel much younger and more vital.

In my own case, I haven’t felt this good in 20 years. I am more confident, my self-esteem is back and my mental outlook and energy level are dramatically improved. I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, the bulk of which was fat. All of this within 4 months; and all of this due to Dr. Natasha Thomas’ skill, dedication and passion for her chosen profession.

— Jim


I am feeling MUCH IMPROVED!!… I have SO much more energy. I don’t know how I was functioning prior to this change?!? I am taking all of my vitamins daily and sleeping well at night with the progesterone.

— Karen

Let’s Create Your Success Story. I’ll give you the tools you need to support your health long after you’re done being my patient.

The vast majority of chronic diseases, including many aspects of aging, can be treated, healed and sometimes even reversed. It doesn’t (usually) happen overnight, but with patience, the results can be dramatic. See for yourself.

Ready To Rebuild Your Health?

I am so blessed and grateful for Dr. Thomas. She has patiently guided me through the first part of my new life journey. My weight is down. My waist in inches is down. My energy has increased. She assured me in the beginning that learning to live healthy would be a challenge and one that would not be easy at the onset, but that I would come out on the other side feeling empowered. I have accomplished that this past month. My friends and family are starting to take note as well. Dr. Thomas, I truly feel, has been a direct answer to prayer for me and again – I am blessed and grateful for her.

— Sheri


Dr. Thomas is a God-send! She truly cares about my health. She spends a great deal of time at each visit, explaining what I need to do & the benefits of those actions. She has created a very personalized plan of care; I’m not just another over weight patient to her. She found medical reasons that were causing medical problems. Dr. Thomas has helped me set goals, and I am well on my way to reaching them with her help. She motivates me to be my best. I like myself again!

— Traci


Dr. Thomas, I have been looking for you for more than ten years. Seemingly overnight, I went from being a relatively healthy person, eating anything I wanted and not gaining a pound, rarely sick and pretty easygoing, to just the opposite. Fatigue was bone numbing and I seemed to be sick with something all the time. I went to doctor after doctor after doctor. They all tried a different pill or told me there was nothing wrong with me. I had many test done but never felt better. Then I heard about you from a woman in a spa. She said she had found a doctor who was different. She said you didn’t jump to the usual conclusions and handled things on a more individual basis and hormone treatment was a specialty in your practice.

For the first time in a long time I felt a little spec of hope….then I met you and that spec became brighter. With each visit “hope” has turned into belief that you will make sure vitality and good health is restored. You really care about your patients and the time you spend and the thorough nature of your approach makes me feel privileged to know you. I would be heartbroken if I thought you would not be available. Please never underestimate the difference you have made in my life. It means so much, especially knowing the changes I need to make takes time and that you will be there to see me through.

— Cathy

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