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Unlocking the Benefits of BHRT: Everything You Need to Know

Most adults experience changes in their hormones as they enter middle age, and the resulting imbalances often cause unpleasant symptoms that can interfere significantly with daily life.  Because we tend to associate these symptoms with age, there’s a common misconception that nothing can be done to treat them. But...

Sleep Your Way to Youth: The Surprising Impact of Quality Rest on Aging

Sleep and aging are deeply intertwined, and to understand their relationship is crucial to our overall health and wellbeing. As we age, it becomes increasingly challenging to get sufficient sleep, which can further exacerbate the effects of aging.  The bidirectional connection between sleep and aging can make sleep issues...

Reclaiming Vitality: Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Right for You?

Testosterone is an essential hormone that plays an active role in both male and female bodies. You may have been told that testosterone is only important for sexual health, but that is not at all the case! Testosterone is necessary for numerous bodily functions, including the maintenance of muscle...

How to Reverse Metabolic Syndrome and Improve Your Health

Metabolic syndrome is a serious and pervasive condition that affects about one in three adults in the United States. What you may not know is that it is also largely preventable and in most cases, even reversible! Let’s talk about how we can reduce and reverse these risk factors...

Ageless Fitness: Cardio and Strength Training Tips for People Over 50

As we age, maintaining fitness becomes increasingly important. Approximately 60% of older adults have at least one chronic disease, such as heart disease or diabetes, which not only significantly impacts quality of life but can lead to premature aging and death.  Fortunately, many of the leading chronic diseases can...

A Comprehensive Guide to Bone Health and Osteoporosis Prevention

It’s easy to forget that our bones are literally responsible for supporting our bodies: they protect our organs and allow us to move. With such an essential job, of course it’s important that they stay healthy and strong.  Bone health is important at every age, but it becomes even...

Inflammation 101: An Educational Primer

Inflammation is the body's natural response to infection and injury. But chronic inflammation can contribute to pain, brain fog, and fatigue.


When someone’s “energy tank” is running on empty, they can usually figure out why. “I should eat better,” they’ll say. Or, “I know I should get more ____ (sleep, exercise, etc. … fill-in-the-blank).” But one patient was quite different.


As we age, hair thinning and hair loss can become an issue - even for women. Thankfully, there are several remedies that can help! I've tried them all and one solution, in particular, has given me spectacular (and unexpected) success!

Your Guide to Managing Stress in the Age of COVID

Most people find major changes stressful, and ongoing, chronic stress takes a heavy toll on the body and health. Most would agree that 2020 was high on the stress level meter. Read on to learn to identify and manage your stress.

A-Z Guide to Eating for Beauty, Youth, and Longevity

From the moment we are born, we age. It's a shame we don't experience the Benjamin Button curse where we start out old and age younger. That can all change though, with a this A-Z guide you can find a better way to longevity, beauty, and yes YOUTH!

Avoid Statins—and Do This Instead

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the #1 killer worldwide. Luckily, there are some ways to combat this pandemic.

Can a ‘Free Prescription’ of Mindfulness Help Alleviate Depression, Addiction, and Anxiety?

Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, chronic pain, or addiction? The practice of mindfulness may be beneficial in improving these feelings.


Over the years many drugs have claimed to safely resolve difficult ailments. However, in this case studies have found that low does naltrexone (LDN), are safe and effective for dozens of ailments.

Your “Total” Tick Tutorial (and How to Avoid Lyme Disease)

Summer is right around the corner, and when the heat arrives so do the ticks. With Lyme Disease on the rise, I want to share with you the different signs and symptoms, preventions, and how you can have a safer summer.

COVID-19 Immune System Survival Guide

During the COVID-19 pandemic it is important to optimize your natural health defenses. Your daily habits can effect the overall health of your immune system. Replace fear with self-empowering knowledge to keep your family feeling happy and healthy.

The Prescription Drugs and Dementia Connection: How You Can Protect Yourself

For decades, the number of people diagnosed with dementia has been rapidly growing worldwide. Research has been building over the past 20 years about a commonly prescribed class of drugs called anticholinergics, some of which are linked to a much higher risk of developing dementia. Anticholinergics include a...

Core Causes and 3 Solutions to Help Dodge Dementia

Dementia is caused by a variety of brain illnesses that affect memory, thinking, and behavior. Thankfully, there’s a lot you can do to prevent dementia or even halt its progression.

New Year’s Resolutions Are Designed to Fail—Do This Instead

New Year’s resolutions are great at creating excitement about implementing change, but that excitement loses its shine by February; and suddenly, all those old habits creep back in. The fact is, only about 10% of people that start New Year’s resolutions actually meet their goals. The other 90% return...

Hormones and Your Health: A Comprehensive Reading Guide

Are you feeling tired, groggy or anxious? Have you had weight gain or lost your desire for intimacy with your partner? Read more to find out how imbalanced hormones could be the cause of all of these things and more...

Considering Bioidentical Hormones? 3 Vital Questions to Ask Your Doctor

We tend to look at doctors as if they know everything - but they don't. No one does. You may have a doctor who is a specialist, but unless they've been trained specifically in bioidentical hormones, they won't know how to manage your unique case. Learn what questions to...

New Study Indicates Functional Medicine May Improve Quality of Life

Is the functional medicine approach the answer to your health-related problems?

5 Ways to Avoid Unhealthy Food Temptations this Holiday Season

'Tis the season for festive parties, warm gatherings, and laughter. And food - lots and lots of food. How can you eat healthy this holiday season while still celebrating and taking part in the festivities? Here are my 5 ways to avoid unhealthy foods, without ditching the holiday parties....

Bioidentical Versus Synthetic Hormones — What You Need to Know

Do you know how, and why, your hormones are influencing you? Between your emotional and physical state, understanding your hormones is crucial to achieving balanced wellbeing.

Mental Disorder or Nutritional Deficiency?

Most of us unconsciously eat food a few times a day. Many eat to satisfy hunger or alleviate stress or boredom. We often choose foods out of force of habit or to satisfy a flavor-craving.  You may not realize the power your food choices have to make or break...


It's time to be honest with yourself. Sometimes there are things that can be hard to talk about. If you're a man experiencing erectile dysfunction or seemingly unexplained belly-fat, it may be time to analyze the underlying cause of these issues.

Hormone Replacement Therapy After Hysterectomy May Extend Lives of Younger Women

Hormone replacement therapy can benefit women after a hysterectomy. Younger women especially can have improved outcomes from estrogen therapy after ovary removal.

7 Serious Conditions Linked to Birth Control Pills—And What You Can Do Now

Your birth control could be making you miserable. Find out what you can do about it now to end your suffering and maintain your intimacy.

5 Factors Fueling Your Fatigue – and How to Fix Them

Energy makes you feel alive, enthusiastic, and creative. Fatigue, on the other hand, makes you feel apathetic, and may make you lose your enjoyment of life. What causes fatigue, and what are the "Big 5" culprits that cause it?

Thyroid Biology 101—Tuning in to Your Thyroid

Your body can feel wonderful at any age, but only if you know what's behind the changes, pains, and aches that build each day. Chances are, your thyroid has something to do with it.

Dr. Natasha Thomas Weighs in on Elementary School Air Quality Test Results

Dr. Natasha Thomas weighed in on the results of a Horry County Elementary school air quality test. Dr. Thomas explained that it is possible for some with weaker immune systems to be affected with certain symptoms as a result of what was found in the school.

Healthy Hormones to Reap the Health Benefits of Sex

Is stress squashing your love life? People say “love makes the world go ’round.” Love makes us feel alive, young, confident, and strong. In fact, scientific studies reveal that lovemaking itself results in many positive health benefits. (Finally, something that is pleasurable is also healthy!) Today, however, many people...

Dr. Natasha Thomas Presents on Biotoxin Illness at International Meeting of the Minds Mold Congress

I had the distinct pleasure to present to an international group of clinicians and indoor air quality specialists on Defective Antigen Presentation in Biotoxin Illness at the “Meeting of the Minds” Mold Congress (January 17—20, 2019) in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It was such a powerful, information-packed weekend, featuring the...

7 Surprising Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘hormones’? If you’re like most people, the first thing that comes to mind are the so-called ‘sex’ hormones: estrogen and testosterone. As important as those two are, there’s a lot more to hormones. They affect everything. They...

Mold, Biotoxins, and Seeking Treatment with FOX 24

I was recently given the opportunity to meet with FOX 24 Charleston News to discuss my research into mold, biotoxins, and the toll they take on our health. From symptoms like chronic exhaustion, brain fog, pain and depression, or even death, biotoxins are often an unrealized and unconsidered threat....

Mold in your home is a hidden cause of chronic illness. Here’s why, and what to do about it.

Years ago, I suffered from what I started calling a “mystery illness.” I was struggling with debilitating symptoms like chronic exhaustion, brain fog, pain and depression, but my doctors couldn’t figure out what was causing them. No one knew what to do. I had to become a health detective....


Stress is a biological function that protects us from danger. In today's world we are inundated with stressors from every direction, rarely life-threatening, but our body can't tell the difference.

3 Top Tips to Boost Your Gut Health

They say trust your gut for a reason. Understanding your gut as the center of the universe for your well-being helps lay the foundation for basic health habits.

Can Alzheimer’s or dementia be prevented—or even reversed?

There is no cure for Alzheimer's yet, but more and more research is beginning to answer the question of prevention. And the earlier you know, the better!

How you can adapt what you eat to avoid sugar and feel better

Understanding the importance and benefits of managing your sugar intake is vital to habit change. I'm not here to tell you not to eat sugar, I'm here to help you understand why.

Can’t sleep? Try these 5 tips to doze better

Sleep is simple. You need it. Your physical, mental, and emotional health depend on sound sleep, but there are many obstacles in the modern world to proper sleep. Here I discuss the many ways to combat them.

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