Dr. Natasha Thomas Weighs in on Elementary School Air Quality Test Results

Posted on: February 18, 2019

Dr. Natasha Thomas Interviewed by WMBF News.
Dr. Natasha Thomas was interviewed by WMBF News, sharing her expertise about mold and air quality.

Dr. Natasha Thomas weighed in on the results of a Horry County Elementary school air quality test. Dr. Thomas explained that it is possible for some with weaker immune systems to be affected with certain symptoms as a result of what was found in the school.

“Prolonged exposure to a water-damaged building, which is what we see here, can lead to multiple symptoms,” said Dr. Natasha Thomas. “It can, of course, cause respiratory symptoms, but it can oftentimes lead to chronic inflammatory response syndrome in a susceptible individual.”

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After test results were released, St. James Elementary School issued emails to parents explaining that leaks in the roof were the main cause to air quality test results. The district said the problems have been fixed and a re-test is scheduled. The community can expect to receive feedback within 10 calendar days.

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